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Cervical Cancer/HPV

GOC Position Statement Regarding Prophylactic HPV Vaccines (February 2010)

Déclaration de Position de la GOC sur les Vaccins Anti-VPH Prophylactiques (Février 2010)

Gynecologic Oncologists Strongly Endorse NACI Statement On HPV Vaccination (January 2007)

Les Gynécologues Oncologues Entérinent la Position du CCNI En Faveur de la Vaccination Contre le VPH (Janvier 2007)

GOC Position Statement Regarding Prophylactic HPV Vaccines (July 2006)

Déclaration de position de la GOC sur les vaccins prophylactiques VPH (Juillet 2006)

Ovarian Cancer

GOC Statement Regarding the Use of Anti-Angiogenic Therapies in Epithelial Ovarian Carcinoma (February 2015)

Déclaration de la GOC concernant l’utilisation de traitements anti-angionéniques contre le carcinome épithélial de l’ovaire (Février 2015)

GOC Statement Regarding the Use of PARP-Inhibitors in the Treatment of Recurrent High Grade Serous Ovarian Cancer (February 2015)

Déclaration de la GOC concernant l’utilisation d’inhibiteurs de la PARP pour le traitement du cancer séreux de l’ovaire peu différencié récurrent (Février 2015)

GOC Statement Regarding Salpingectomy and Ovarian Cancer Prevention (September 2011)

GOC Summary Statement on Current Status of Ovarian Cancer Screening with CA125 and Transvaginal Ultrasound in Women Aged 55-74 (June 2011)

GOC Statement Regarding: BC’s Gynecologists Change Surgical Method to Protect Against Ovarian Cancer: Deaths can be Reduced by 50 Percent Over 20 years (September 2010)

GOC Statement CA125 Monitoring in the Management of Recurrent Ovarian Cancer (June 2009)

GOC Position Statement Regarding Ovarian Cancer Screening (April 2009)

Other Statements

GOC Position Statement Regarding the Resignation of Three Gynecologic Oncologists In Newfoundland and Labrador (August 2008)

GOC statement regarding salpingectomy and ovarian cancer prevention (September 2011)

GOC summary statement on current status of ovarian cancer screening with CA125 and transvaginal ultrasound in women aged 55-74 (June 2011)

GOC statement regarding: BC’s gynecologists change surgical method to protect against ovarian cancer: deaths can be reduced by 50 percent over 20 years (September 2010)

GOC statement CA125 monitoring in the management of recurrent ovarian cancer (June 2009)

GOC position statement regarding ovarian cancer screening (April 2009)

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