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Tips for Meeting with Your Medical Team

As you move along your cancer journey, it is important to keep your own medical information, test results and appointments, not just for yourself but for your medical care team as well.

You may choose to become informed about tests and procedures that have been offered to you as well as being able to ask questions of your doctors. See “Questions for Your Medical Team”, in Section 6 in this guide.

Helpful Tips

• Write down questions before seeing your doctor. Ask questions until you understand what is being said.

• There may be many oncology (cancer) experts on your care team. Record names and telephone numbers on this page.

• You are encouraged to have a family member or friend accompany you to doctors’ visits to take notes on your behalf.

• You may choose to use a blank calendar to record your medical visit times. Or, you may find keeping a journal helpful.

• Be sure you ask for copies of all your test results from your physician or the hospital’s Medical Records Department. Keep all records and reports in one place.

• You can ask for a second opinion should you not feel comfortable with the information you are being given.


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