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Learn about the National BRCA Collaborative (top of the page) and the BRCA TTOT (bottom of the page)

National BRCA Collaborative

The establishment of the BRCA Collaborative is a phase-progression of the GOC BRCA initiative, it represents an attempt to coordinate and harmonize efforts across a variety of health professionals and patient organizations whose interest lie in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of BRCA-related malignancies. The primary driver for BRCA TTOT (Testing to Treatment) and the National BRCA Collaborative has been the lack of coordinated educational, scientific and policy approaches across the country to address the issues of unmet patient and family medical needs.

In addition, although health care delivery is provincial, the benefit of a coordinated voice of patient and medical initiatives is essential to advancing BRCA initiatives by addressing the issue of disparity of knowledge, technology and practice nationwide.

Collaboration between the following organizations

Here is the National BRCA Collaborative Team.

Top (Left to Right): Carine Trazo (GOC), Stephanie Lheureux (PMH), Walter Gotlieb (GOC), Jennifer Laliberté (OCC), Tracy Stockley (CCMG). Bottom (Left to Right): Jeanna McCuaig (CAGC), Christa Slatnik (CANO), Michael Fung-Kee-Fung (GOC), Nora Wong (CAGC), Janice Kwon (GOC), Alice Lytwyn (CAP). Missing: Raymond Kim (GOC & CCMG)


BRCA TTOT Working Group

The BRCA Testing to Treatment (BRCA TTOT) Consortium was created as part of the GOC’s Communities of Practice (CoPs). The goal of this group is to support universal BRCA gene testing in women with non-mucinous epithelial ovarian cancer, thus improving patient care and providing opportunities to identify family members who may be at-risk of developing ovarian cancer.

Below are some of our successes:


“Evolution of genetic assessment for BRCA-associated gynaecologic malignancies: a Canadian multisociety roadmap.” Access the article here.

Position Statement

“Optimizing Gene Testing for Ovarian Cancer”. Access the English version and the French version.

Patient Handouts

The BRCA TToT, along with genetic counsellors at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, have created a patient information resource. Read more…

Learn About Genetic Testing – May 2017

Découvrez les tests génétiques – mai 2017

“PARP Inhibitors: What you need to know”. Access here.


Hereditary Cancer Course: BRCA Module #1

Access the list of BRCA TTOT Working Group Contributors by clicking here. (coming soon!)

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