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Past Grant Recipients

2017: Rachel Kim; Mathieu Viau; Ji-Huyn Jang; Annie Leung
2016: Julie Nguyen; Annie Leung; Justin McGinnis; Ji-Huyn Jang
2015: Steven Bisch
2014: Vanessa Carlson; Maryse Céline Lavoie; Annick Pina; Lana Saciragic; Ruth Vilayil; Melica Nourmoussavi
2013: Rosa Magalios; Sophia Pin; Karla Willows
2012: Peter Klippenstein; Stephanie Scott
2011: Jeanelle Sabourin
2010: Clare Reade; Leah Jutzi; Jeanelle Sabourin; Dan Kiely
2009: Allison Ball
2008: Jose L. Fernandez de Lara Nieto
2007: Alon Altman; Shannon Salvador; Marette Lee
2006: Gregg Nelson; Jacob McGee

Our Partners

The Society of Gynecologic Oncology of Canada welcomes and values industry partnerships.

GOC acknowledges the ongoing support of these dedicated partners for their commitment to gynecologic oncology in Canada. Thank you.

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